Cross Timbers Procurement Center Webinar: CMMCsmart Basics 4: Understanding Requirements for CMMC Level 1?

August 24, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The North Texas SBDC Contracting Program will be continuing to provide training information that our partners will be providing in a virtual environment. We value our clients and their safety. There will be updates and upcoming webinar information as we work with our partners to provide the best small business assistance to you.

This free webinar, presented by Regan Edens of DTC Global, is a follow up to the CMMCsmart Basics 3: Overview of the CMMC Framework & Model webinar. This webinar, which is significantly different from the prior CMMCsmart Basics, will focus on the types of data your company will be in possession of and the practices that are required to protect it. Additionally, you will: Receive an overview of the fundamentals about FCI and CUI. Understand the BIG WHY driving DFARS and CMMC requirements. Understand the risks and the challenges in DFARS and CMMC certification. Recommended Prerequisite: CMMCsmart Basics 3 webinar.

Please view all of the upcoming webinars that our partner, Cross Timbers Procurement will be hosting in August 2020 for cyber security.

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